Ways to treat dry skin on face & Home remedies for dry skin on face

Best Ways to treat dry skin on face : There are three types of skin. Some have oily skin, some mixed and some dry. There is no doubt that taking care of dry skin is not an easy task. Specially in winter season, no matter how much cream, moisturizer or oil you apply on with dry skin, its effect lasts only for some time.

In this article we are sharing some best homemade and natural Home remedies for dry skin on face and about the Ways to treat dry skin on face. You can use these tips to get rid of dry skin.

Ways to treat dry skin on face
Ways to treat dry skin on face

Reasons behind dry skin

Before going with ways to treat dry skin on face. First of all, lets know what are the reasons of dry skin

  • Too much cold or dry air.
  • Due to Extremely cold dry air caused by air conditioners.
  • Because of too little or too much bathing.
  • Bathing with hot water.
  • Due to use of some special soap or detergent.
  • Diseases like Eczema, psoriasis
  • By using certain medicines.
  • Aging can also be one of the reasons for dry skin. With aging, the production of collagen in the skin starts decreasing and as a result the skin becomes dry.

Home remedies for dry skin on face

If you are suffering from dry skin do this home remedies to get healthy and smooth skin.


Honey is very useful product for dry skin. It is one of the best ways to treat dry skin on face. If the skin becomes dry due to the change of season, applying the honey gives moisture to the skin. You can directly apply honey on face but for the better results use it as follow –

  • Mix two spoons honey and half spoon of cinnamon powder together.
  • Now apply this mixture on your face.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes wash, it with cold water

To get better results This mixture can be applied once in three to four days. Honey is best natural product for skin it makes the skin moisturize naturally. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory properties present in cinnamon can work to relieve the problem of inflammation related to the skin.

Coconut oil to treat dry skin

Coconut oil is very effective for dry skin. And it is included in ways to treat dry skin on face To use this, apply coconut oil on your dry skin and leave it for some time, so that the skin absorbs the oil. Coconut oil can be applied two to three times or as needed. Apart from this, coconut oil can be applied every night, so that the skin absorbs the oil well throughout the night.

Coconut oil has been used from years. It can be beneficial not only for the hair but also for the skin. It can retain the natural moisture of the skin.

Castor oil for dry skin

Applying castor oil to dry skin provides relief from winter damage. You can use it as told in coconut oil.


Glycerine can also be used as a home remedy for dry skin. To use glycerine on dry face, follow following steps.

  • Prepare a mixture by mixing 1 spoon glycerin with 1 spoon rose water.
  • Then apply it on your dry skin and leave it for a few hours.
  • When you feel that it is getting too sticky, wash it off.

For better results you can apply this every day. Glycerine is considered beneficial not only for dry skin but also for chapped lips. This can also prevent dryness by locking in the moisture of the skin and helps in keeping the skin soft for a long time.


Ways to treat dry skin on face also contents turmeric. Turmeric is very beneficial for glowing and moisturizing face naturally.

  • Take one spoon honey, olive oil and half spoon turmeric.
  • Now mix them all together and make a paste.
  • After that apply this paste on face and keep for 20-30 minutes.
  • When it becomes dry then wash it with cold water.

This face pack can be applied once or twice a week. This will helps to moisturize your skin but apart from that It can also be helpful in many skin related problems like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Ways to treat dry skin on face

Here are some ways to prevent from dry skin

  • Change your bathing habit to avoid dry skin. Instead of bathing in hot water, take a bath with lukewarm or cold water. Similarly, if you are a man and want to shave your beard, then do so immediately after bathing because at that time your skin remains soft which does not cause skin irritation etc.
  • Add moisturizer to your daily routine. Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing so that it locks into your skin and retains moisture.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the bath. Take a bath in about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Keep your skin away from cold and dry air. In cold weather, cover your face with scarves, gloves, stole etc.
  • Do not use chemical mixed skin products on your skin.
  • Since your skin is already dry, so never use the scrub.
  • Use soft clothes for wearing and do not choose warm and hard clothes.
  • Do not use detergents containing chemicals used for dyes and fragrances for laundry.

So this was the all information about Ways to treat dry skin on face. we hope that you like all the Home remedies for dry skin on face. Make sure to share this article with others also, who are suffering from the same problem.


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