How to Treat Acne Cyst on Forehead | Remedy for cystic acne on forehead

Cystic acne on forehead : Acne cyst on forehead usually come due to dirt and not taking proper care of the skin. But behind the forehead acne cyst there are some other reasons too, which you should be aware of. In this article we are going to talk about reasons of acne cyst on forehead and the home treatment for them.

how to treat acne cyst on Forehead

Causes of acne cyst on forehead

Here we are sharing some reasons which are responsible for forehead’s acne.

1) clogging of pores

Our skin produces a natural oil called sebum. It is produced in the sebaceous gland its work is to moisturizes and protects the skin. But when the production of sebum is more than normal, then the pores get clogged, due to which there are pimple problem occurs on the forehead.

2) Using wrong cosmetics

Sometimes using wrong cosmetics also cause pimples on forehead and other parts of face. If you are getting pimples on your face then It is also possible that you are using the wrong shampoo or face wash.

3) Stress

Stress is also a common reason behind acne. Due to stress, the sebaceous glands in our body start expelling more oil, which leads to pimples.

4) hormonal changes

At the young age there are lots of Hormone changes in adolescence occur. This one is also the reason of pimples. In girls Hormone changes can also occur during the menstrual cycle that is causing acne on your forehead.

5) Daily Makeup

If you apply makeup daily and do not remove it before sleeping at night, your skin can get damaged.  Applying makeup while sleeping clogs the pores of your skin and leads to acne on the forehead.

How to treat acne cyst on forehead

  • Clean your face thoroughly. Exfoliate the skin by applying a cleanser on the face twice a week.
  • Shampoo your hairs before they become sticky.
  • If applying any skin product causes irritation on the face, avoid them.
  • Take daily deep sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours at night.
  • Do not keep your forehead covered for a long time.
  • Do not Go in Sun for long time.
  • Wash your face after doing any physical activity and hard work.
  • Be sure to take off your makeup before sleeping at night.

Lemon use for forehead acne

Mix two spoons of water in one spoon of lemon juice. After this, apply it on the pimples of your forehead. Now, leave it on the forehead for 5 minutes. During this process you may feel little burning, but don’t get feared. Wash you face with lukewarm water after 5 minutes.

Almond Powder, Gram Flour and Turmeric

Take 1 teaspoon almond powder and 1 teaspoon gram flour and then add a pinch of turmeric to it. After this apply this paste on the forehead and acne and then leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash it with cold water. This will help you to reduce acne cyst from forehead.

Steam on face

Many times, the pores of face get blocked. Due to this the acne comes on face. But to get rid from this acne you can take hot steam on face. Steam opens up the pores on your face and helps to remove the accumulated dirt. For taking steam you can use the steam machine or the pot fill with boil water.


So this was the some basic information about the cystic acne on forehead and how to treat acne cyst on forehead. We hope that after reading this you may got a clear idea about reasons and remedy of acne cysts of forehead. Make sure to share this post with others also. thank you.


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