Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss & Effects of hard water on hair

Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss : Winter season has arrived. In this season people use hot water for bath and for washing their hairs. But have you ever wondered how hot water affects your hair? If not and if you also have the question that Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss ? then keep reading this post and till the end of the post you will get all the answers of your questions.

Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss
Does hard water cause hair loss

Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

If you think that washing your hairs with hot water can remove all the dust and pollution from them, then you are right but using hot water to wash hairs may also cause hair loss. If you wash your hair with very hot water, you need to be careful. This mistake of yours can badly affect your hairs.

Hot water or steam opens our pores naturally. But if you think this will clean deeply, you are wrong. If the pores of your scalp are open, oil and dirt will easily enter those pores and the hair will become dirtier.

Now hot water opens the pores of the head and also loosens the hair roots. Due to this the hair becomes weak from the root. This is the reason why hairs start falling and breaking easily. On the other hand, cold water closes these pores and less the hair falls. By regular washing hairs with hot water scalp start losing its natural oil.

Which type of water is best to wash hairs

Now let’s talk about which type of water can be used to reduce hair fall and to keep hairs healthy. If you used the cold water to wash your hairs then it will help to keep your hairs soft and also prevent from hair fall. But on the other hand, side the hot water deeply cleanses your hairs.

That’s why while bathing Avoid very cold or hot water. Use lukewarm water. Not only this, after washing the hair, take a bath with cold water for 2 minutes, it will close the open pores. Cold water will reduce hair fall and increase blood circulation in the scalp.

Last Words

So friends this was the short information about that Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss? We hope that you got all the answers of your questions related to hot water and hair damage. Make sure you share this article with others also so that they also get aware about their hair mistakes.


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